Does your child want contact lenses

SofLens daily disposables may be the right fit. Even if your child has never tried contact lenses, SofLens daily disposables are great for first-time wearers. They're healthy, they provide crisp, clear vision and they're hassle-free. Your child will never have to clean or store the lenses. They can just wear them once and then thrown them away.

With SofLens daily disposables, your child can play to their fullest potential with:

  • The comfort and convenience of a disposable daily lens
  • High Definition Optics that provide exceptionally crisp, clear vision and help reduce halos and glare in low light conditions
  • A new pair instantly when they lose or tear a lens
Girl playing baseball

Help them focus on their passion, not their glasses.

Sometimes glasses can get in the way when kids play sports or engage in other activities. They either forget them in their locker or don't wear them because they're cumbersome.

Ask your eye doctor if SofLens daily disposables are right for your child.

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